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Even though I am the oldest sister in the group…People usually do not suspect it because I am the shortest of the group. I sing whatever note is not being sung at the time. I do most of the music arranging and enjoy playing piano and harmonica.  

I’m married to the most handsome, amazing guy in the world!! Saturday, July 26, 2014 I changed my name to Mrs. Jeffrey Ebert!!

I totally love, love doing hair and makeup! I had a blast being the stylist for my best friend’s wedding! (According to a friend, my “Hair comes in ALL shapes and sizes!” Haha)

Even though I cannot give an exact date, I know when I was a young girl I asked Jesus Christ into my life, as my Savior and Lord! Best day of my life! My favorite verse is Hebrews 13:5 “[Jesus said] I will never leave you, I will never turn my back on you.”


I sing mostly the lead or alto parts and also play the Mandolin for the group. I have both an “F style” named Mandi and an “A style” named Lynne.

I’m involved in the fashion of the group by being the official sewist for the group. (Sewist = sewer…but that can be read wrong “sew” the sewing community created our own word!) I’ve decided to take it a step further and pursue an associates degree in Fashion Design & Technology.

Kimberly, TaMera and I co-create Jewberly Emris, our blog and Youtube channel. It’s mostly focused around fashion with some sewing, knitting and cooking mixed in. Come over for a visit HERE!


I am a graduate of the Intercultural Studies program at Rio Grande Bible College - this enabled me to master the Spanish language, prepared me to embrace the cultural differences, and know how to better reach individuals with the gospel! I work with PAWN Ministries - an organization dedicated to educating pastors, teachers, and believers in Nicaragua, Central America.

I am thrilled to be marrying my best friend, my confidant, my biggest fan, and my cheerleader in my daily walk with Christ; Trevor. We met on a mission trip in 2015. A friendship blossomed and 2 years later, he proposed in a canyon about 45 kilometers from the little Nicaraguan village where we met. Trevor and I become husband and wife in December 2018!

I accepted Christ as my Savior and King on February 3, 2002!


I switch between singing the alto and lead parts.

In 2013, I taught myself how to knit with a pair of skewers and the help of YouTube tutorials. Over the past few years I’ve collected a vast array of knitting needles and different types of yarn.

Now I’ve started making my own knitting YouTube tutorials. Click HERE to see my most popular one with over 113,000 views! …okay, so it’s the only video we have with that many views but it’s still super cool!

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Sisters “Lady Of Honor” “Peaceful”                       “In God’s Image” “A Precious Gem” “One Of Grace, Uprightness”

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