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Even though I am the oldest sister in the group…People usually do not suspect it because I am the shortest of the group. I sing whatever note is not being sung at the time. I do most of the music arranging and enjoy playing piano and harmonica.  

I’m married to the most handsome, amazing guy in the world!! Saturday, July 26, 2014 I changed my name to Mrs. Jeffrey Ebert!!

I totally love, love doing hair and makeup! I had a blast being the stylist for my best friend’s wedding! (According to a friend, my “Hair comes in ALL shapes and sizes!” Haha)

Even though I cannot give an exact date, I know when I was a young girl I asked Jesus Christ into my life, as my Savior and Lord! Best day of my life! My favorite verse is Hebrews 13:5 “[Jesus said] I will never leave you, I will never turn my back on you.”


I sing the alto part and play Mandolin. On Sundays that we aren't singing, I play Mandolin in my home church with the music team.

I'm a Juvenile Onset Diabetic also known as Type 1. I take 5 Insulin shots every day which equals 1,825 shots every year. (Not counting the flu shot LOL)

My hair really is this long naturally; no extensions for this girl!

I have a blog called “Jewberly Emiris”.  Where I share my sewing projects, photos and every Tuesday, a Thrift Store Score! :) You can visit “Jewberly Emiris” here!

On February 2, 2002 I accepted Jesus as Savior after reading my Mailbox Club letter from Child Evangelism Fellowship.


I am the lead singer, general manager, fashion designer and cook! If you call our office number, I’ll answer as I have taken over the booking.  I run our Facebook, Twitter and I'm slightly obsessed with Instagram...  

I design the outfits for the group and prefer shopping at thrift, secondhand, Goodwill and Salvation Army stores. My creativity can produce some unexpected combinations but that is part of what makes us unique!


I love fingerstyle guitar but only play for my own enjoyment (so you won’t see me playing onstage.) When we’re not singing, I work at Curves For Women as a fitness coach!

I accepted Christ as my Savior and King on February 3, 2002!


I’m the youngest. It’s awesome!

I enjoy collecting anything that has to do with Strawberry Shortcake! Mainly because she has red hair just like I do! … and on that note, fun fact about me; I am the only sister in the group with an all-natural hair color!

My favorite food is my Mom’s homemade apple pie.

I LOVE knitting!

One day when my Dad was pushing me on the swing, he talked to me more about Jesus and that’s when I asked Jesus into my heart!! After that I ran into the house to tell my mom and sisters the news!!

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Sisters “Lady Of Honor” “In God’s Image” “A Precious Gem” “One Of Grace, Unrighteousness”

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