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Yes, we are really sisters! Tiffany is 23 Kimberly is 19, Jewel is 17 and TaMera is 13. We were born and raised in Adams, Nebraska; a little town in the southeast corner of the state. Our Dad, Tim, is an aircraft mechanic and our Mom, Judy, is a stay-at-home mother (but she also is the caretaker for our grandparents.) We have an awesome older sis named Samantha; she's married to our sweet brother-in-law Edwin. (Yes, she did used to sing with us.)

Growing up, we were surrounded by music of all types and genres. We knew the words to the songs from "Psalty the Singing Songbook" and Rob "The Donut Man" Evans (Christian children's musicians) almost before we could talk. We learned to love pretty much all kinds of music; especially tight, harmony driven music.

But as little girls, we didn't plan on singing. We just knew we loved music. And that's when God started something big by starting something little.

By a crazy (God-ordained) turn of events, we ended up singing at a local nursing center. One thing led to another and someone had us sing at their women's small group. Samantha was just 11, Tiffany was 6, I (Kimberly) was 18 months and Jewel was a newborn!

We did sing; a few places here, a few places there. Then we kept singing. A few more places here and there. Before we even realized what was happening, we were singing around 20 events a month. The majority was volunteering our music at local retirement centers and nursing facilities. Sharing the gospel while singing children's songs with a solid Biblical foundation.We did this for almost 10 years.

But God wasn't finished.

A few years ago, we knew something was about to change. At first we thought it was our music style. We began singing progressive Southern Gospel and retiring our Christian kids' music. Our venues started to change; we were doing less retirement homes and more churches. Tiffany went to Ben Speer's Stamps-Baxter School of Music for the first time. We recorded our first album in 2008 and it was released just after Samantha & Edwin were married. In December, Jewel was diagnosed with Juvenile Onset [Type 1] Diabetes.

The next year, right before we were scheduled to record CD #2, our Dad was laid off. Weird, right? I mean, that happens to OTHER people. Not us! ...but it did. We didn't know what to do; we had already saved the money for our second album and received scholarships to Stamps-Baxter to study as a group. Dad made a family decision; we were going to go record AND go to music school because at this point, maybe God was orchestrating a move into a full-time ministry of music. That was in March. 9 months later, Dad was rehired. Now we were confused. Why did Dad lose his job just to get it back again? We didn't know but we trusted that God knew what He was doing.

2010: Mostly just singing but a few highlights. We attended Stamps-Baxter for the final time and were able to perform on the 2010 DVD promoting the school. While National Quartet Convention and Steve Hurst School of Music were first time experiences for us. Near the end of the year, we signed with Heartwarming Records (a division of Homeland Entertainment) and in June 2011 we recorded our album "Dream". The title came from the impression upon our hearts that we needed to "dream bigger" and not limit what God can do through us if we allow Him.

With "Dream" came a lot of growing. People in our lives started to make us think. Each in different areas of our life and ministry. Some pressed us to work harder on our vocals and singing as a whole. Our music pastor challenged us to really seek God in all aspects of our spiritual walk so we could better understand our calling as worship leaders and musicians. Other mentors and teachers encouraged us to not just sing and entertain but to really minister to the hearts and lives of those we meet.

"To minister" means to "meet the needs of someone". For most of our lives, we've been ministering by sharing the love and hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who don't know Him. However, there are many kinds of needs, and that is something that recently, we've learned again and again.

As a family, the last several years have been a roller coaster ride of hurt and happiness. Things have happened within our lives that I haven't even mentioned in this rather-long-but-I'm-almost-done biography. It hasn't been easy and many times we've been tempted to give up music altogether.

At the risk of sounding cliché, throughout these ups and downs, we have found that God is faithful. He doesn't give us more than we can handle and looking back, these trials are worth it. Why? Because each and every one of us has trouble. We ALL have days, weeks, months, years where we feel like life is just too difficult or that God has abandoned us. But in our lives, we as a family have learned first hand that God is in control and never leaves our side. And that, I believe, is the key to ministering. When you have been broken and God lifts you up and puts you back together,  you can encourage others that He will put them back together as well.

That's where our project "Something Beautiful" arose from. God's love makes each of us into something beautiful IF we allow Him to. It will probably take some events that are uncomfortable and possibly even painful but in the end, it was for the best. We are more beautiful and more effective for Christ. We are, and can be to others, God's love which is SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL.

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